Party Boat Organizers

Party Boat - All Paws On Deck!

Thank you for showing interest in our Party Boat!

Together with the Party Team you will be able to shape the party after your own desires. We in the Party Team will be there to support you with advice, equipment related requests and much more so you can organise the party to your heart's content.

Keeping our ties to the traditions surrounding our past Party Wing, the Party Team wants you to decide our level of involvement at your party, whether it be minimal or moderate - it’s up to you. We don’t want to tell you how to run your party because we want you to have the freedom of shaping your party while having an awesome time on the boat. Together we’ll work on matters related to security, opening & closing times, preparations, the activities/entertainment, layout, decorations, advertising, equipment and anything else related to your party and aspirations within the boat. An application form where you can send in your proposals for organising a party will be available soon at the button/link below.

Application: Open!

About the boat (Blå Båten)

Blå Båten has the capacity of holding 150 people between its indoor and outdoor decks, where attendees can roam around to their liking. The boat also contains seating for 100 people in the saloon, with another 30 seats at the bar that our party organisers can make use of. Additional seating can also be found on the outdoor deck. Seats and tables can also be moved aside to provide a more open space for activities e.g. dancing, or just more space for mingling. There is also a stage at the front of the indoor deck where DJ equipment can be set up, or where people can perform (the size of the stage can be seen in the photo gallery).

The boat comes equipped with a projector, sound, lighting and more. In addition, the NordicFuzzCon Stage Tech team can also assist in setting up extra equipment, so if there is anything you’d like to have, let us know.

Blå Båten’s website:


Will it cost us anything to have the Party Boat for an evening? 

Good news. There will not be a fee for renting the boat. Although, your group will have to make an initial deposit for your rented night. The deposit may be used to cover for possible damages and cleaning fees. If everything is in good shape after your party, the money will be sent back after the convention. More information will be given once communication between your group and the Party Team begins.

Will our group be able to have the Party Boat for multiple evenings?

Availability will depend on how many party arrangement requests we receive. 

How long will we be able to party?

The opening and closing time for each party depends on the party organisers and the Party Team - but you’ll definitely be able to party well past midnight. Latest possible closing time for a party is at 3am. A small group of furs will also be able to clean from 3-4am.

Do we bring all the alcohol to the party?

If you want to. Another option is to advertise the party as 'bring your own booze'. We will discuss further options once communication between your group and the Party Team begins.

Will we set sail?

That would be fun but, alas no! The boat will be anchored at all times.

More information coming soon!

For further questions, please send an email to: [email protected]