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Step out from Malmö Central Station, pass the shuttle buses and you will stand in front Moment Hotel’s lobby. Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup and Skane’s own airport Sturup is just 25 minutes away. Here you will find yourself in the middle of the vibrant Malmö, with restaurants and cultural life around the corner.

Moment Hotels
Norra Vallgatan 54
211 22 Malmö
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  • Your room booking only entitles you to one bed spot in a room – not the entire room. Rooms with more than one bed spot are shared. If you wish to share a room with your partner or friend(s), then both/all of you need to book the same room type.
  • After your payment you can arrange whom you share your room with via our online room sharing system. See room sharing for more information.
  • The hotel room prices can be found here.
  • The actual rooms may differ slightly from the pictures shown below, as not all the rooms are identical. Some rooms feature windows while others do not.
  • Our hotel FAQ can be found here.

Hotel Rooms

Single room

1-person room

Our cutest rooms. With 80cm beds is this the room category that aligns best with our concept. Intented for the business traveler that wants to exploit the destination rather than the hotel.

Double room

2-person room
Our double rooms is the room category we have the most rooms of. It lies in the heart of our concept which focuses on area efficiency, without compromising on quality. The rooms are come with 140cm beds. What you miss in the room you will find right outside the hotel, more specifically in the city.