Hotel FAQ

Hotel FAQ - Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

Will there be free Wi-Fi?

All hotels offer free Wi-Fi for attendees staying at them, and the convention hotel offers free Wi-Fi for all attendees. As the Wi-Fi might be crowded at the convention hotel, we ask people to try and limit themselves to just one device each or get a prepaid sim-card with a data plan.

Where are the hotels located?

A map showing this is available here:

What about parking?

The main hotel does not own the parking garage underneath the hotel. It is owned by Malmö municipality and the cost is 260 SEK (~26 EUR) per day for parking. Some nearby streets are free to park on.

Do you have rooms available which are suited for disabled furs?

Yes, there is a limited amount of rooms for this in most hotels. Please make sure to fill in the specific question during the registration process. If any additional information is needed you can contact [email protected] before you book!

If you have any general accessibility questions about what support is available at NFC for disabled people, please email [email protected].

What bed sizes/types are available?

After the registration for NFC 2023, you get the option to select if you wish to have two separate beds or one double-width bed (regardless of whether the room category has it or not), and we will try to accommodate it as best as we can. There is no guarantee that we can arrange for a specific wish, but we will do our best to make sure you get your wish fulfilled.

Are pets and animals allowed in the hotels?

Yes, but only at certain hotels. Also we only allow dogs and only in certain areas where special rules apply. Please contact [email protected] before you book and do not forget to tick the appropriate checkbox during registration. If you are bringing a dog, and not a service animal (like a seeing eye dog), cleaning fees will apply. All pets must be pre-approved before they are allowed to attend the convention.

Do the hotels offer breakfast?

If you are a residential attendee (i.e., you have a room spot in one of our hotels), breakfast at your hotel is included in the price. If you do not have a room at the main hotel you can still partake in their breakfast buffet for a fee, to be paid directly to the hotel on site. All hotels offer prolonged breakfast until 10 or 11 during the main convention days, please ask in the reception during check-in.

Can I order something and have it delivered at my hotel?

Yes. However, if you are sending or ordering items directly to your hotel, please make sure that the package contains your full name (as written in your passport) along with the name of the convention. The address to the different hotels can be found on the respective hotel page.

You may not solely write NordicFuzzCon on the package.

NordicFuzzCon takes no responsibility for items ordered or shipped directly to any of the hotels.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks into the hotel rooms?

Yes. However, it is not permitted to eat or drink your own consumables outside of your hotel room.

Do the rooms have a minibar?

Some rooms have a small minibar but you will have to pay 150 SEK (~15 EUR) at the reception to unlock them. There are ice machines on certain floors so you will be able to cool your drinks.

Does the hotel have a stairway?

Yes! Try to use it whenever possible as it’s a quick and healthy alternative to those pesky elevators that nobody likes anyways.

How long will "do-not-disturb" signs be respected?

Do-not-disturb signs will be respected until they are taken down, but if they are up past 11:00 in the morning, your room might not be cleaned on that day. Also, please do not leave do-not-disturb signs up four days in a row – the hotel would very much like to get access to tidy up your room for you.

Is alcohol still allowed at the convention?

Yes! We are not trying to stand between you and a fun night, we just have to comply with Swedish law. Alcohol in the hotel area is only allowed in your room or purchased from the bar. When you have to move bottles to your room or from your room make sure that they are properly stashed away inside either a backpack or a solid, opaque container. This does include the underground parking. This is valid as long as you are on hotel property and only private rooms are excluded from this rule. More information here.

Are room parties allowed?

Like every year, room parties and other social gatherings are of course allowed at all the hotels, as long as they do not get extremely noisy. Please keep the noise down after midnight. Rules for partying at the convention that are posted on location apply. Please keep in mind that the party stays inside the room. Partying in the hallway is not permitted.

For buffer and quiet rooms additional rules apply.

Will there be party rooms?

There will be room parties, but for a proper party during NFC it is better to join or even organise your own party at NFC's own Party Boat situated a short walk away from the hotels. You can even bring and consume your own food and beverages there and share with others.

What are quiet and buffer rooms?

Please read more here about the quiet and buffer rooms.

How does early arrival/late departure work?

Early arrival gives you an extra hotel night before the convention. Late departure allows you to stay one night longer. These are extras that can be selected during the registration process, with add-on costs as listed on our Prices page.

Can I do a late checkout?

Yes you can book it when you check in, depending on the availability. Try to check out before 12 pm as the hotel will charge you if you take too long.

Can I arrive on the Sunday/Monday before the convention?

Yes, if you book a room through registration. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Can I depart on the Tuesday after the convention?

Yes, you can. The hotel has graciously provided us with some rooms for this purpose, which are available for booking at the same room price as ordinary early arrival or late departure.

Please note that regular room sharing rules apply and that you are applying for one spot in a room, not an entire room (unless the room in question is a single room). Keep in mind that your potential roommate(s) for those days also have to apply for the same room type on the exact same days as you for this to work.

Can I book different room types for different days?

It will not be possible to pick a different room type for different days. The room type you select for the main convention days must be picked for any extra days.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with my room?

Please politely tell the hotel front desk about the issues you are having with your room, as they might be able to help you resolve these. If, for example, your room is too hot, you could get a key to open a window; if it's too cold, the hotel might have heaters you can borrow. If you feel like someone else should handle this matter for you, ask someone from NFC staff and crew nicely.

The room keeper didn’t clean my room, what should I do?

Try to keep all your trash in one place. Maybe get a large trash bag and place it all in there, this will make it easier for them and you will get a clean room.

Do you still have a question?

If you cannot find the answer you seek here (or on the other pages linked at the top of this page), or if anything is unclear, please e-mail your questions to [email protected].

Room Sharing

Please read this page carefully, since it answers many common questions about how room sharing works at NordicFuzzCon.

Can I book an entire room for myself?

Only if you book one of the dedicated single rooms. We would like to point out that single rooms are limited in numbers compared to other room categories.

Booking any other category of room for yourself is not possible as you are only booking 1 spot in a room. Meaning that any other rooms besides the dedicated single rooms are shared with other convention attendees.

When can I set up room sharing?

You will be able to create a room share with other attendees once your payment has been registered and you have received your badge number, which is required to set up room shares. The date until which you can set up a room share can be found on this page.

How do I set up a room share?

Log in to the NordicFuzzCon website and navigate to your booking page. Click the “Room shares'' button under the Accommodation section.

On the Room Shares page the second section should contain buttons for every period of the days that you have booked a hotel room on.

In order to set up a room share you will have to select the “Main days” and enter the Badge number of every person you would like to share the room with and send them an invite.

The invited people will receive an eMail regarding your invite and will have the option of accepting or declining your invitation on their room share page. Everyone involved will also receive confirmation emails when room share invitations are sent, accepted, or declined.

It is only possible to share a room with other attendees who have booked the same room category at the same hotel as you. Note that only the person who initiated a room share (by sending the first accepted invitation) will be able to send additional invitations to add more people to the room share.

What happens if I don't set up a room share?

If you booked a spot in a room with space for multiple guests, but have not set up a room share with anybody by the time the room sharing system closes, then you will be paired up with other randomly selected attendees who also haven’t set up their room share.Alternatively, you might be upgraded to a different room category if no other attendees are able to join your room share.

What happens if my room share is not full?

If a room share has not reached its full capacity (e.g., a room with space for 4 guests only has 2 confirmed guests in the room share) by the time the room sharing system closes then other randomly selected attendees might join your room share. 

Any questions?

If you have questions regarding any of the above or regarding your booking then, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

If your question was not mentioned on this page, it might be answered elsewhere on our site. You might want to take a look at our page dedicated to other frequently asked hotel-related questions which are not about room sharing.