Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

NordicFuzzCon 2022 will take place at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, right in the middle of Malmö city.

This will be the central convention area and hotel, with three towering glass columns connecting it to the concert hall. There are numerous floors with balconies and passages leading up and down the base of the tower. You will find other hotels and the train hub nearby, surrounded by water near the old town of Malmö. If you want to see it all, go up to the sky bar and have a spectacular view.

The hotel features the Skybar lunch and bar area (click here to see the menu) that is open during lunch and dinner hours, and bar area a taqueria that is open to the public during the evenings (click here to see the menu).

There are two special room types that can be requested after registering; these are the quiet and buffer rooms, which are an alternative to our normal rooms, with some restriction on noise levels, for those who want a peaceful and quiet place to rest. You can find more info about them at the bottom of this page.

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
Dag Hammarskjölds torg 2
211 18 Malmö
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  • Your room booking only entitles you to one bed spot in a room – not the entire room. Rooms with more than one bed spot are shared. If you wish to share a room with your partner or friend(s), then both/all of you need to book the same room type.
  • After your payment you can arrange whom you share your room with via our online room sharing system. See room sharing for more information.
  • The hotel room prices can be found here.
  • The actual rooms may differ slightly from the pictures shown below, as not all the rooms are identical. Some rooms also feature a wall-mounted or spare bed.
  • Our hotel FAQ can be found here.

Hotel Rooms

Double room

2-person room

The size varies from 24 to 27 square metres. It features two single beds or a double-width bed, a comfortable living space and a bathroom with bath or shower.

Triple room

3-person room

Bigger in size, with one 200 cm wide king-size bed, one extra bed and a bathroom with bath or shower.

Quadruple room

4-person room

A big room with enough space for two king-size beds or one king-size bed and two extra single beds. It includes a big bathroom with bath or shower.

Clarion Suites

Looking for something fancy with a bit more leg space? Why not go for one of the two suites, 70 meters above ground on the 23rd floor of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live.

Mausie Suite - max 2 people - SOLD!

This bright and spacious suite offers panoramic views of Malmö with its extra large windows, the largest bed in the hotel (210 cm wide!) and extra space with a dining table, seating area and adjoining kitchen with its size of 100 m².

Iris Suite - max 4 people - SOLD!

This is the smaller cousin of the Mausie suite, conveniently placed on the same floor. It offers fantastic views of Malmö and almost as much leg space at 75 m². Featuring a large double bed, seating area for cosy TV nights and a bathroom with a bath and shower cubicle.

Hotel Room Types

Quiet Rooms

Our quiet floors are designed for people who wish to use their room for sleeping and resting only. These rooms will all be 100% quiet. They are the ideal choice for those of you working night shifts in our STEW, those who just want a quiet place to retreat whenever they feel like, or for anyone who enjoys their beauty sleep.

The quiet rooms are available on a request basis, which means we will try our best to accomodate you there. However, we might need to put you in a buffer room or a regular room, in case we receive too many requests for this room type.

Please note that you agree to the rules below if you apply for a quiet room. If you do not adhere to these rules, we will have to remove you from the room.


  • No music at any time
  • No room parties at any time
  • No extra people in the room after 22:00
  • No noise in the hallways at any time

Buffer Rooms

In addition to our quiet rooms, we’ll offer buffer rooms. These rooms are a buffer between the 100% quiet rooms and the slightly more noisy regular rooms.

They are the perfect option if you like socializing during the early evening but also get some sleep late at night. You will also get the warm feeling of knowing you’re helping people in the quiet floor get their much needed sleep!


  • No room parties after 22:00
  • No music after 22:00
  • No noise in the hallways after 22:00

Regular Rooms

These are our standard convention rooms.


  • Room parties should not disturb neighbours after 00:00
  • Room doors have to be closed after 00:00
  • No noise in the hallways after 00:00

Room Type FAQ

How do I sign up?

The option to apply for a quiet or buffer room will appear when you create your room share after registration.

Are room parties allowed?

Like every year, room parties and other social gatherings are allowed at all the hotels, as long as they do not get extremely noisy. Please keep the noise down after midnight and be considerate with your neighbours. Rules for partying at the convention announced on location apply. Keep in mind that the party is inside the room, partying in the hallway is not permitted.

Can I invite friends to my quiet room during the day?

Yes, but please be mindful of the fact the quiet floors are also used by NFC staff that work during the night. Keep the noise down to allow them their sleep.

Can I invite friends to my room in the evening if we have a quiet room?

If you want to spend the evening hanging out with friends, please go to the lobby or to your friends' regular rooms.

Can I invite friends to my room if I have a buffer room?

Yes, but take note you’re on the buffer floor: don’t turn it into a loud room party. Normal conversation level is fine.

What room types can be used for quiet and buffer rooms?

This is currently not decided and more information will be posted before the registration starts.

Someone is being noisy! ☹

Please tell them to be quiet or feel free to contact security through the Telegram chat. You can read the back side of your convention badge to find other contact methods.