Virtual Fursuit Parade

To have a virtual fursuit parade, we ask everybody who wants to participate to provide a short video clip according to the description below!

Submit your video using the link below before the deadline on February 14th, and we will edit together a sequence and air the "virtual parade" as a scheduled event!

  1. Cover the lens of your camera (be creative, use your paws, nose, a prop, basket...)
  2. Reveal yourself on camera
  3. Wave to the camera - you can be creative here as well!
  4. Cover the lens of the camera again (can be the same as the uncovering, but doesn't have to)

See the video below for an example of what we're looking for.


  • The deadline for submitting your video is February 14th, so please submit it before then.
  • The parade is going to be a very public affair - we want to put it on YouTube after the event too! - so naturally: Keep it clean and wholesome!
  • Please also provide a full set of names for the characters appearing in the clip! We would like to have a proper credits list! The easiest way to do that is to hold a piece of paper with the name(s) into the camera before covering it for the shot.
  • The recording should start slightly before and end slightly after the "hide camera" part.
  • The clip should be 3-5 seconds if you are alone and 7-10 seconds if you are a group, measured from camera reveal to camera hide (dark->dark) any lead in/out is not counted.
  • Please use HD and highest quality settings available, as close to the following as you can get your recording device: 1080, 25fps, progressive scan, landscape.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse submissions if they fall outside the requirements above. When in doubt, please ask first!

For questions, please contact