Video Submissions

NFC@Home is calling for video submissions!

Have you made a short video clip? Or a brief funny or interesting video that somehow ties into the furry fandom? Do you want it as part of the live video stream? Then call us interested! We are in search of videos we can use to fill up smaller spaces in the convention schedule!


Even though we plan for a schedule with little to no idle time, we are certainly going to have buffer time between events. These phases should not just have an idle logo animation or "be right back" on the stream; we want to provide a good mix of content during the entire time!

What are we looking for exactly?

  • Any video material made by you (i.e. you need to own the rights to allow us public streaming!)
  • "PG" type of rating. A bit of wink-wink-nudge-nudge is OK, but it has to be family friendly
  • Some relation to the furry fandom in general and/or NordicFuzzCon in particular; fursuiting, puppetry, animation, "how to" guides... everything is fine, as long as it has a furry twist.
  • Any length up to 20 minutes is fine

Please use the form at the link below to let us know about your content before the submission deadline on February 14th, and we’ll let you know the drop off location once we’ve sorted through the first batch!

Questions and Answers

When is the deadline for submitting a video?

The deadline for submitting a video is February 14th, so please contact us and have your video ready before then.

Will my video be shown?

If we accept your submission (see the rules) we shall put it into the play queue. Pending technical difficulties, the video will play at least once.

Can you tell me when it will air?

Sorry, for these filler clips, we need to stream them as they fit; we have no way of predicting exact time slots for them.

Can I still use my video on YouTube/etc...?

Sure! If you hold it back so that the NFC@Home viewers can see it first, let us know and we might juggle it into a better position - no promise though!

Will there be credit?

We keep track of submissions and will certainly publish a "thank you" list after the convention; we are looking into a way to automate a brief "CLIP by CREATOR" animation before each clip too, but that is a work in progress.

My question isn’t answered here, who can I ask?

If you have any other questions, please send them to