Event Submissions

We want your ideas, your talents and your time, to make this a good time for everyone. If you have some already produced material we can use, that is great. If you have something you are working on, we would love to show it. If you have a thing you want to do, tell us and we might be able to motivate and help you. If you have an outrageous idea you can’t realise, let us know, if we can’t make it now, someone might be able to do it later.

Some events we would love to see:

  • Home tour, show off your work area, what you do there and what project you are in the middle of.
  • Cooking show, got a favourite recipe to show off, bungle up. Fursuit might not be a good idea for this activity.
  • Music videos, performances, interpretations.
  • Gamestreams, speedruns, tournament participation.
  • Panels/workshops/tips and tricks of any sort.
  • Movie party on streaming sites, commented or uncommented.
  • Meet and Greets, special interest groups, talk groups.
  • Storytellers Circle
  • Anything else you can think of, we shall see if we can make it happen.

Give us your ideas via the event form linked below as soon as you come up with them, and we will contact you to try and realise them for NFC@Home.

If you have any questions before submitting your event, check out the Questions and Answers below. This also has contact info for the Events Department at the bottom, in case your question isn't answered already.

Questions and Answers

What events are you looking for from attendees?

At this point, anything you have. If you are out of your own ideas check the list under "What we want from you" above.

Will you help attendees with contributed material?

Yes, we will have a helpdesk open before the con where you can send test footage and have it reviewed and suggest improvements. And please use them before you finalise your material. A lot of things can be done with things in your own home to make it a lot better.

Our event team is also keeping you motivated to finish your material and helping you get in touch with the rest of the NFC STEW.

Does everything have to be pre-recorded?

No, but having the main thing pre-recorded, even if you plan a live stream, makes it much more foolproof. If the stream does not work as intended, we have a fallback.

However, some things need to happen on location. Like being present and able to answer questions for your panel, or commenting on your work, or chatting in between video clips.

I'm already a content creator with a channel, can I mention it if I make content for NFC@Home?

Yes, if you contribute content for NFC@Home you can of course credit it to your existing channel so people who enjoy your content can find more of what you do.

My question isn’t answered here, who can I ask?

Send your questions to the events department at at-home-event-questions@nordicfuzzcon.org.