Your Fursuit. Our Concert!

Be part of the music - have your fursuit video featured in the Concert by the SnOwOflakes, the official band of NFC!

The NFC Concert is producing a video for their performance and we would love to have your contributions. We are looking for video snippets of you in fursuit to fit the themes listed. If you want to contribute different versions, please do, but submit them as different files according to the instructions.

Please follow the instructions below and submit your video no later than February the 14th.

  1. Paw videos
    • Short 5-7 second videos
    • Focus on your paws - Stomp things, wave paws at the camera, show off your toe beans
  2. Doing boring stuff
    • Short 5-15 second videos
    • Do something to pass the time in fursuit
      • Watch paint dry
      • Read a book
      • Build a pillow fort
      • Cook
      • Do Yoga
      • Brush your fursuit
      • Brush it again
    • The more creatively “bored” you are, the better!
  3. Lipsync (muzzle sync?) some lyrics
    • We have the song lyrics, you have the suit!
    • Send us a quick message on Twitter with how many lines of the song you’d like to do (3 maximum), and we’ll send you the lyrics.

What should the video include?

  • Include a short intro to the video showing us who you are on a sign so we can credit you properly (see the Fursuit Parade description). Please leave about 3-4 seconds of inaction before starting the content so we can edit properly.
  • Our hardworking media team will assume that your video is also usable for other NFC events and videos. If you only want your video used for the Concert, please add “CO” to the file name. If you don’t mind your video being used elsewhere, either add nothing, or add “NFC” to the end.
  • Include in the file name the letter above, your name, and a number (if you’re submitting multiple).
    • For example - Mausie submits two videos for doing boring things:
    • Mausie also submits a video of lyrics that should only be used for the concert
  • Make sure that your video is landscape. Unless there’s an interesting reason for it to be portrait.
Ready to submit? Click the link below to send in your video!