Art Bazaar

The first weekend of NFC@Home is dedicated to our creative minds and crafters, as well as introducing our charity to you, and will take place on March 5th to March 7th.

All kinds of artists and crafters will be welcome to show and sell their works, from paintings to commissions to fursuits or other merchandise. But there’s more to see than just the colourful shop fronts of dealers; look forward to watching artists live as they stream their magic, presentations and how-tos, or donate to our charity by buying sketches from volunteer artists. Very much like at a physical convention!

This page currently mostly contains information relevant to artists and dealers, but check back soon for more details on events and a list of dealers/artists and what they offer!

Questions and Answers

Where do I sign up?

You sign up by filling out the form linked below! The deadline for doing so is February 15th.

How's this going to work? Where do you set up the shops?

The virtual tables will be set up in a specific space on our NFC@Home Discord server. You will be provided up to three Discord channels, if you wish. One will be your "table", a display channel only you can write in and show off your stuff, commission prices, links to your web shop and more. This means you will fill it with information directly in Discord.

We will also provide you with a text chat room where you and your customers can interact. The third room will be a voice chat where you can socialize directly with people and stream your commissions, if you like. The last one is optional though! You will of course have full administrative rights of the channel, and our moderators will help you if someone gets out of order.

Opening Hours
  • Friday (optional): From 16:00-22:00 CET
  • Saturday (main day): From 10:00-22:00 CET
  • Sunday (optional): From 12:00-18:00 CET

You're welcome to open shop for however long on Friday and Sunday as these are optional days, but we kindly ask you to be present and active in your shop for at least about 6 hours during Saturday.

But of course you're allowed to have a lunch break (please have a lunch break, remember to eat!) or hold/attend events you would like to see.

Additionally, if people would like to open their shop during the other weekends as well, you're welcome to and our team will be around to help you should you require assistance.

Why should I sign up for being a dealer/artist at NFC@Home?

We are using our marketing to gather potential customers and give them time to interact with artists. We also offer options to do streams and other things to market your things to an audience that is present and can browse your things and be able to find someone they had not noticed before.

Is the number of virtual tables in the Art Bazaar limited?

Yes. After the deadline the team will decide who gets a virtual table in the space we were given. Depending on various factors, we might not be able to give each and everyone a slot, but will do our best to make it work regardless.

How does payment for art or stuff in the Art Bazaar work?

NFC@Home will not handle any payments made, so payment methods, taxes etc. are within the artist’s or dealer’s responsibility.

As a dealer/artist, how do I handle taxes?

Paying taxes is the responsibility of each individual dealer/artist, so check the tax laws in your country. If you're from outside Sweden you will not need to pay taxes to Sweden since you're not physically selling in Sweden.

My question isn’t answered here, who can I ask?

Send your questions to the events department at