Special Guests

Northern Light

Johanna Tarkela

NordicFuzzCon has reawakened from a long hibernation. During the extended winter, we
have been guided by the artwork and talents of our Northern Lights.

This year, we are very pleased to play host to the lovely and talented Johanna Tarkela!
Commonly known as Johis, some furries among us may be familiar with her work on
Deviantart, under her alternative username Lhuin.

Uniquely among our Northern Lights, Johis hails from Finland. We are very excited to have
her and we are sure you will be too, as she has been a regular attendee of NFC since 2017
and may be a fun and familiar face to many attendees.

She says that we are her 'home con', partly because it's Nordic, like her and she loves the
atmosphere and the people who attend. She especially loves the snack exchange which she
says she always joins in with when it is available. She says that so many of the guests are
people that she has admired for a long time, and that NFC gives her the chance to meet
them and attend their panels.

Johis moved to the UK in 2012 to study illustration and has been a freelancing fur since
2015. Her career began by taking commissions, both in furry art and non-furry pet
portraiture; but has since taken off to include major institutions such as the Smithsonian
Museum, the publishing house Harper Collins, and Sanoma, Finland's largest media group.

Art that mimics the fine detail and realism of photographs whilst capturing the more ethereal
essence of the subject is a rare gift. Johis imbibes her artwork with a timeless quality, which
has led her to work for a very diverse range of people and corporations.

But whilst her artistic merits stand out for themselves, fans of trivia might like to know that in
addition to the digital paint brush, Johis once picked up the needle & thread and
experimented in making fursuits.

Transitioning from your hobby into a full-time career isn't an easy choice to make for
everybody, but Johis has never lost her passion for her art and still loves to paint outside of
her professional work. She loves her freelance career as it allows her the freedom to work
anywhere in the world, which means plenty of time to visit her family whenever she pleases.

We can confidently say that as a long-standing member of our big furry family,
NordicFuzzCon is delighted to welcome Johis - and you, our dear attendees – back to
Malmö for 2022.

For more on Johis, please follow these links!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johisart
DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/lhuin
ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/jtarkela
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lhuin

Guest of Honour

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