Interested in lending a PAW?

Here is your chance to help out!

Consider joining our SOUP!

Regardless of your skills and knowledge, we’d love to give you the opportunity of being part of our family at NordicFuzzCon.

When joining NFC as a SOUP (Some Other Useful Personale) member, you will collaborate closely with our STEW (short for STaff and crEW) on a wide variety of duties.

You will be able to choose when and what to help out with, while also being able to take a peek at the backstage of the convention. In addition to that, check out the following treats that we have on offer.



Good feeling of contributing


Surprise game/gift


Are you up for the quest?

Then shoot a message to @TheFrozenNeroj on Telegram or send us an email at [email protected].
With your help we make this magical experience come to life.

Wanna join the STEW? Check out the following page: