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What is a convention without its attendees?

We in the Events Department at NordicFuzzCon (NFC) are eager to create the best experience for our wonderful attendees’ different interests. So, we want to hear as much as possible from you, the attendee! You can help and contribute to the convention and its attendees by sending us ideas for future events. But even cooler, you may even create your own events that can be officially scheduled. Did you know that most of our smaller events are made possible by attendees with passion and initiative? Incredible, is it not? Feel free to approach the Event Department at any time with an idea you have, but the sooner the better.

So, if you ever feel like the convention is missing that specific event that you have in your head and would like to make it a reality, be sure to fill the event form below. If you are uncertain whether you can hold the event or not due to personal reasons, then please get in touch with us as soon as possible. In the event of you being unable to make it, then we may be able to find someone to pick up from where you started so that the event still happens at the convention. And remember, even ideas and suggestions sent through our email will catch our eyes and interests. Always remember that we can make this convention a blast, together with you: our attendees!

Contact info: [email protected]

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