Rules for Commercial Activity

Last updated 2021-10-13

  • Commercial activity in the Dealers’ Den, Artists’ Alley, and Art Show are under the responsibility of the respective heads of those sections. All other commercial activity at the convention is subject to the approval of the convention directors.
  • Every dealer in the Dealers’ Den and/or tableholder in the Artists’ Alley must be an attendee (i.e., have registered for the full main convention period and paid the full amount prior to the convention).
  • Transactions are the sole responsibility of the seller and the buyer. It is the responsibility of the seller to comply with applicable fiscal and sales legislation.
  • Items sold should be relevant for the convention by either being relevant to the furry subculture or relevant to the theme.
  • Selling adult goods is allowed in the Dealers’ Den and Art Show only. However, they should be clearly marked and (in the Dealers’ Den) covered up from plain sight.
  • No illegal or immoral items may be sold. What constitutes an illegal item is defined by current Swedish law. What constitutes an immoral item is defined solely by the head of the relevant section as defined in the first point of these rules. Dealers are obligated to comply with their directions.
  • The sale of animal-derived products requires prior approval from the head of the relevant section.
  • Any special requests should be sent to the head of the relevant section, and may be either approved or denied.
  • Sellers which the section head consider to be breaking or attempting to break the rules may be ejected and or banned from commercial activity in that area and/or other areas for any amount of time by the respective section heads.
  • Engaging in commercial activity at NFC is a privilege and can be withdrawn by the heads of each section, who have the final say on any commercial matters pertaining to their area of responsibility, or a director.
  • Exceptions from these rules might be granted by the convention directors on a case-by-case basis.