Alcohol Policy

Last updated 2023-02-11

Swedish laws are very strict when it comes to alcohol. By attending NordicFuzzCon you agree to comply with the following rules:

  • Alcohol not purchased at the hotel may only be consumed in private hotel rooms.
  • Alcohol not purchased at the hotel may not be consumed or openly shown in any of the public areas. This includes all areas of the hotel, including hotel room corridors. Only private hotel rooms are exempt.
  • Alcohol not purchased at the hotel may not be openly displayed when moving through any public areas of the hotel. It may, however, be discreetly transported in a non-transparent bag or backpack.
  • Any alcohol purchased by attendees in any of the hotel bars or restaurants needs to follow that particular hotel's rules on where it can be consumed, in accordance with their permits and Swedish law.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed outside of the hotel according to Swedish law.
  • The only exception to the points above is on the party boat, which has its own set of rules.

Both convention personnel and external security guards will be enforcing these rules.

Alcohol found to be in violation of these rules, for example openly visible bottles in the lobby or openly visible bottles transported from your car to your hotel room, will be confiscated.

Attendees who break these rules are at risk of being ejected from the convention, and may also be barred from attending the convention in the future. Non-cooperation may result in involving Swedish law enforcement.