COVID Policy

Last updated 2021-11-08

Our goal is to not only make the convention going experience not only fun, but also safe for everyone. All convention attendees are required to accept and abide by the following rules regarding COVID.

Vaccination is required:

  • You must be fully vaccinated against COVID before you arrive at the convention. Further, you must have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines which are approved for use by the EU (see list below).
  • Having had COVID does not count as being fully vaccinated, nor does a COVID test.
  • You need to supply proof at on-site registration that you are fully vaccinated against COVID. Due to privacy regulations, proof of full vaccination cannot be sent to us before arrival and will only be accepted on-site.
  • Please see the sections below regarding what certificates are accepted.
  • If you are either unvaccinated, were vaccinated with a vaccine not approved for use by the EU or are unable to provide proof of full vaccination at the time of arrival, you will not be allowed to attend the convention.
  • At the time of registration opening, the approved EU vaccines are: AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikevax), and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen).

If you have an EU COVID certificate:

  • Proof of full vaccination may be given on-site in the form of the EU Digital COVID Certificate.
  • The certificate can be provided either electronically or on paper upon arrival at the convention, and must be valid and possible to scan.

If you do not have an EU COVID certificate:

  • You will be contacted by our registration department to discuss alternative options for providing proof of full vaccination. Non-EU registrations will not be approved until a satisfactory way to prove full vaccination has been identified. These registrations will therefore take longer to approve, but they retain their position in the registration queue.
  • If you are not contacted by registration within 1 week, please send them an e-mail at [email protected].

During the convention:

  • Please try to minimise the risk of catching or spreading COVID and concrud at the convention:
    • Use hand sanitiser and wash your hands frequently.
    • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve.
    • Be considerate of other people’s wishes to maintain social distance.
  • We will provide badges that you can use to show others that you want to maintain social distance.
  • We will not require face masks, but this might change if the situation changes.
  • It is always allowed to wear face masks at the convention. Respect those who choose to wear face masks even if not mandated by the event.
  • Above all, show consideration for your fellow attendees!

We will monitor the situation, the development of COVID, and public health agencies’ advice in the region (Sweden and Denmark), and will adapt safety measures accordingly. Policies may therefore change prior to or during the convention (e.g., face masks becoming mandatory). Any changes will be announced through our social media channels, on our website, and at the convention.

If you are unable to attend NordicFuzzCon due to travel restrictions, or due to inability to fulfil the vaccination requirement, NordicFuzzCon might not be able to refund your payments.