We all miss NordicFuzzCon, meeting our friends and spending time together. Things are looking up but we have to keep at it for a little while longer. To tide us over after Yuletide we have come up with something...


The STEW at NordicFuzzCon has been planning some events from all of us, to all of you. So in March 2021 we will hold a special edition in your living room. And not only for a week, but every weekend in March we will try to fill with content! Produced together with you, our attendees, to entertain us all.

Art Bazaar

March 5-7

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Music Festival

March 13

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Fursuit Extravaganza

March 20

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Gaming Gala

March 27

More soon

We will have performances, panels, shows, meetups and streams. But NFC@Home wants your material in the schedule as well. Live is cool, but pre-recorded is easier, so we ask for both.

Don't worry if you've never streamed before - our helpdesk team can help! We can help you find the equipment you'll need, set it up and use it. Not only that but we can advise on formatting, framing, lighting and sound so your event looks as good as it possibly can! We will also review your material and help with adjusting colours and sound and with your permission make small trailers of the test material you send in. Even if material can be pre-recorded we encourage you to be there when it is sent so you can see the reactions and participate in the discussion. Whatever can be done to make you more present.

So don’t hold on your material, the earlier it is sent in the easier it is to fit in the schedule. Check out all our open signups and submissions below to get started!

Fredrix, Chudlight and StarFoxCoon, coordinators of NFC@Home

What we want from you

We want your ideas, your talents and your time, to make this a good time for everyone. If you have some already produced material we can use, that is great. If you have something you are working on, we would love to show it. If you have a thing you want to do, tell us and we might be able to motivate and help you. If you have an outrageous idea you can’t realise, let us know, if we can’t make it now, someone might be able to do it later.

If you have any other general questions about how you can help, take a look at the Questions and Answers below. This also has contact info for the Events Department at the end, who will gladly help you if your question hasn't been answered yet.

Signups and submissions

Before submitting or signing up for these, please check their info pages if you're uncertain about anything, and keep the deadlines in mind. Early is in general better than late; what you've sent in can usually be updated until the deadline.

Event Submissions

Give us your event ideas as soon as you come up with them, and we will contact you to try and realise them for NFC@Home.

  • Due date: Feb 14th
Art Bazaar Signups

All kinds of artists and crafters will be welcome to show and sell their works, from paintings to commissions, fursuits and other merchandise.

  • Signups closed Feb 15th
Fursuit Parade Submissions

We're going to have a virtual fursuit parade! If you want to participate, please provide a short video clip according to the description on our info page.

  • Submissions closed Feb 14th
Concert Video Submissions

Want to submit a fursuit video for use in our concert? Check out the info page to see what we need, and submit a video!

  • Submissions closed Feb 14th
Stream Video Submissions

Got a short video, like a brief funny or interesting clip that's furry-related? If you want it as part of our live stream, please send it in!

  • Submissions closed Feb 14th

Questions and Answers

Mausie, looking confused


What is NFC@Home?

Unlike a traditional online convention, NFC@Home is a long-form event that takes place over four consecutive weekends with additional content in between.

There will be a weekend each for art, music, fursuiting, and gaming, all with unique events. No matter what your interests are, we hope you will find something you like. Stay tuned for further details!

Is everything made by NFC?

Hopefully not, as always we look forward to what our attendees can bring to the convention as well, and look forward to all your new and old ideas.

Will there be any online gaming?

Yes! Servers and platforms will open well before the convention. Casual gaming will be encouraged at any time and tournaments will start so finals happen by the event date. Some gaming events will be recorded ahead of time and be presented by our commentators. Finals will try to be live.

Keep in mind that for certain gaming events you will have to use your own game.

Will there be any tabletop/traditional games?

Yes, we will hold our usual role playing track as well as organise online board games and card games of different kinds. But they will also have to be done online, of course.

Will there be a charity?

Yes, this will be announced here and on our social media at a later time. Stay tuned!

Will there be a Dealers' Den or Artist Alley?

Yes, both! We are calling our online concept the Art Bazaar, which combines the Dealers' Den, Artist's Alley, Drawing Corner, and Art Show together. You can read more about it and how to sign up as an artist or dealer on the Art Bazaar page.

How do I register?

You do not need to register to just watch the streams, but to join the chats or other happenings you will need to log in on the NFC website.

There will also be some recommended apps and accounts on other servers you should get before the con. A more comprehensive list of these will come out at a later time.


Can I contribute? How can I help?

There are several ways to contribute. The main ways to help are by submitting content, offering to host events, submitting event ideas, and joining our staff and crew (STEW). If you want to contribute with content but you're not sure what to do, check the "what we want from you" section further up.

I want to join staff and crew (STEW)! How do I do this?

Please contact our HR department at hr@nordicfuzzcon.org, tell them a bit about yourself and what you want to help with, and they will help you get in touch with the ones responsible for those activities.

What events are you looking for from attendees?

At this point, anything you have. If you are out of your own ideas check the list on the events submission page.

I have nothing I can contribute, can I still help?

We do not believe you, but we have a great need for people that can help behind the scenes as well. Anything from being a moderator in our chat rooms, to helping out with technical details. Please send a mail to hr@nordicfuzzcon.org and they'll get back to you.

Can I support NFC in any other way?

Yes, we’ll post more information about this later. NFC has recurring running costs and an online convention is not free for us. So we do hope to cover some of our expenses with contributions as well.

My question isn’t answered here, who can I ask?

Send your questions to the events department at at-home-event-questions@nordicfuzzcon.org.

Next physical NordicFuzzCon

The next physical NordicFuzzCon is currently scheduled for early 2022, and will be keeping the theme that was originally planned for NFC 2021. See our previous webpage for more information.

More detailed information will be released when our full website launches in summer 2021, and you can follow us on our various social media platforms for the latest updates until then!